How to join the LAW CLAN


The LAW Clan recruits ONLY by invitation. If you interested in joining us, here is how to go about it…

  1. Play with us
    Here we will see your playing style and behavior towards other players. The more we see you on the server the better.

  2. Be involved
    While playing with us, we appreciate players who are active on the server. Vote for maps, ask for special maps or modes, issue commo-rose commands, squad play, etc.

  3. Chat with us
    You are also welcome to tell us in-game of your interest in joining the clan. If you become a regular on the server, in time you may receive an offer to join our discord channel. Some chatter on the Squad VOIP is good too.

  4. Be Patient
    After a while, after we have assessed your suitability, you will receive an invite to join the clan.

T’s and C’s

  • This process has no fixed timeframe. Sometimes it takes long, and sometimes we recruit members in a weekend. Patience, young padawan…

  • Official members will pay for their reserved slot on the server. Currently this is R250 per annum. (Around R21 per month) This pays for your slot, and part (±15%) towards extra slots and spectator slots.

  • The slot fee is NON REFUNDABLE. If you leave the clan for any reason whatsoever, whether voluntary or by request, your slot will be allocated to visitors for the remainder of the 12 month period.

  • The LAW CLAN does not support or endorse any form of cheating, hacking or similar exploits. Offenders will be kicked from the clan and banned from our server. Our banlist is distributed to other SA servers.