SSD manager inquiry


So I’ve been using a SSD for a while now but never installed a ssd manager.

Whats the pro’s of using a ssd manager?

I currently use a WD green 240GB as my primary.


Ek’t nog nie gehoor van dit nie. Sal self wil sien watse responses jy gaan kry hier…


Solid state drives (SSD) are now more commonly used compared to their counterparts, HDDs, because of their capacity and affordability, plus ease of use.

If your SSD started out with blazing speeds, but now it simply just drags along, there are tools you can use to whip it back into shape, by optimizing it. You just need to find the genuine tools, and steer clear of snake-oil types that can damage your SSD.

These SSD management software are classified based on their functions such as analysis, toolkits, and benchmarking, as these will help you manage and maintain your SSD for longer and at optimal speeds.

With SSD analysis software, you can determine its model, condition and version of firmware, while toolkits and benchmarking software optimize and determine its performance, respectively.


Maak net seker jy gebruik die REGTE een. (verkieslik een wat gesmaak is deur jou ssd de vervaardiger.