Why was I kicked from the server?


The LAW clan welcomes all RSA based players.

We try our utmost to not kick people from the server for just any reason.

Here are the only scenarios where you may be kicked :

  1. Server full
    We currently have a 16 slot server, and 16 LAW Clan members have reserved slots. We rarely ALL play at the same time, so in the rare event that a LAW member joins the server when it is full (8 vs 8) ,a random player will be kicked by the server to make place for the VIP. We apologise if this in an inconvenience , and hope you understand , and return to our server soon.

  2. Disrespect
    We are a fun bunch of guys who realise this is JUST a game, and BF4 is our way to have a laugh and de-stress at the end of a long workday. We have a strict “DON’T CRY, JUST PLAY” policy. You are welcome to join us, but leave your ego at the door, and just have fun with us. Any form of disrespect towards an Admin (LAW members) or other players will get you kicked, and possibly banned from the LAW server. (You WILL be warned first)

  3. High Ping
    We have a country filter and latency checker installed on our server. We allow all players with a ping of 250 or less to play. Unfortunately high pingers cause lag in the game, and are automatically kicked by the server. This is the most common reason why players are kicked . If this happens, please sort out your ping (you may have a download or update running in the background) and return